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Finally an Easy Way to Till Gardens and Flower Beds
  • I really like the way Power Paws handles.  I had a small rotary tiller
    before, which was hard for me to control. - Janice, NY

  • When I first saw Power Paws, I wondered how effective it would be
    since the blades seem rather small but I sure was surprised!  It really
    churns up the dirt.  You can get a lot done in a short time.  It can rip
    out large weeds - it even works in relatively hard ground. - Mark, NE

  • I purchased a Power Paws for my parents as a gift - they really like it!  
    It is easy for them to operate. - Sandy, CO
  • I have several flower beds.  Power Paws
    is really great for tilling in those small
    spaces between plants and under
    bushes.  I also like to use it between
    rows in my vegetable garden. - Mary, MN

  • This is a wonderful way to cultivate my
    smaller garden.  It functions like a power
    hoe, what a clever idea. - Linda, IA
  • I used it to loosen dirt when digging holes for transplanting shrubs.  I first
    used it in soil with one inch stones and tree roots that I tried digging with a
    spade.  The Power Paws tilled right through it.  My rotary tiller would have
    jumped and bounced around in that area plus it would have tangled up with
    the tree roots. - Jim, CA
Power Paws Electric Garden Tiller working between flowers