Electric Power Paws Garden Tiller
Manufactured by TillPro, Inc.
All rights reserved, Copyright TillPro Inc. 2007-2008
Patented US 6,904,976 B1
Finally an Easy Way to Till Gardens and Flower Beds
Power Paws    functions like a powered hoe.

Two hoe-like blades cycle up and over each other
over 400 times per minute for aggressive tilling
action, up to 6" deep, even in hard ground.
Lightweight, only 14 pounds
Easy to use, easy to handle
Enables tilling small areas between plants
TIll up to 6" deep, even in hard soil
Rugged construction, built to last
Powerful 800 watt motor
Hardened steel blades
Best of all, it is easy to use, easy to handle
Power Paws    patented new design is different than traditional rotary
tillers. The tilling action is similar to a manual hoe, only powered, much
faster, and a lot easier.  The aggressive tilling action quickly uproots large
weeds and vines and unlike other tillers there are no clogging problems.
Power Paws    is perfect for tilling around and between plants in flowerbeds
and landscape plots as well as preparing seedbeds and weeding garden rows.
The Model E-1003 Electric Power Paws    has no
gas, oil, or starting issues.  Just connect to a 115
volt extension cord and you're ready to go.
One year warranty on all parts plus satisfaction guaranteed or return unit
within 30 days for a full refund of purchase price.
Consider the Attachment model A-1005 which
connects to your gas powered weed trimmer.  
Model E-1003
Electric power not available?
Power Paws in action, maneuvering better than a rotary tiller
Power Paws at work tilling a flowerbed
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